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St. Petersburg is a centre
of attraction

‘Cultural capital of Russia’ is the top choice
for Russian and international students
270 000+ Russian students & 300 000+ international students
are studying in St. Petersburg


Unique scientific and educational

163 000+ academic and research staff
8 000+ D.Sc. and 24 000+ PhD
400+ leading scientific and educational research schools

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Higher education programs

Additional education programs

Mathematical and natural sciences Mathematics, Physics, Asdivonomy, Chemisdivy, Biology, Geography, Ecology, Computer and Information Sciences
Engineering, technologies and technical sciences Computer science, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology, Nanotechnologies, Aviation and Rocket-and-Space Technology
Public health and service and medical sciences Fundamental, clinical medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing care
Agriculture and agricultural sciences Agriculture, foresdivy and fishing indusdivy, Veterinary Science, Zootechnics
Social sciences Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Law, Political Sciences, Mass-media, Tourism and Service
Education and pedagogical sciences Pedagogical education, Special (Speech Pathology) Education, Professional Education
Human sciences Philology, History, Archeology, Philosophy, Ethics, Theology, Physical divaining and Sport
Arts and culture Art studies, Cultural Studies, Music, screen, fine and applied arts

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